Fine-art Prints

Fine Art Prints

Fine-art prints are printed on high-quality papers. These papers come in a couple of materials such as cotton or certain exotic plant fibers such as Baryta or Bamboo. Fine-art papers are typically available in a non-shiny matte finish though some papers such as Baryta-based papers do have a pronounced shine to them. Fine-art papers are also available in either a "Natural" build or a "Bright" build. This build characteristic is defined by the presence or absence of OBA or Optical Brightener Agent chemicals. These OBA chemicals help give the Fine-art paper a bright white appearance. This bright appearance can change based on the type of light you are viewing the print under.

With the exception of the one Baryta paper we do carry normally (Juniper Baryta by Moab Paper), our normal fine-art papers are natural in build with a matte surface. That said, we can special order any print paper you desire under certain conditions.

Optical Brightener Agent or OBA - An OBA is a chemical mix added to the paper during the manufacturing process to give the paper a bright white finish. A paper with an OBA added will often be called a "bright" paper. The whiteness of a paper can change in appearance depending on the Ultraviolet (UV) content of the light you are viewing the paper under. This brightness change can sometimes alter the perception of color on the paper/print.

Archival Rated - A print that is archival rated will last 100 years or more with proper handling. What is proper handling? Proper handling (and indeed - proper display) is not exposing the print to strong direct sunlight for any longer than necessary.

Capabilities - Our printer is 44" wide. We can create prints as small as 1/4" x 1/4" and can easily print to any fractional size up to a maximum of 43.4" wide (the printer has mechanical limits that prevent it from reliably printing on that last .6".) As long as your print has 1 side that is 43.4" or smaller, we can print your image without a problem.

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