Welcome to PRGPrinting

Our Business

PRG Printing is a home-based business located in of Westland Michigan. Westland is a western suburb of Detroit. PRGPrinting is owned and operated by Ron Gage. Ron has over 30 years experience in photography. Ron also have over 14 years experience in computer operations. It is this combined experience that allows Ron to produce the best quality prints available at a reaonable cost.

Our Printing

PRGPrinting only uses the best quality printing machinery to produce our prints. Our primary printer is a Designjet Z2100 by Hewlett Packard. This printer features a 44" wide carriage. This printer also features 8 pigmented ink channels in the printhead for widest possible color gamut (range). This printer also features an embedded color measuring device. This device allows us to insure that the color reproduction of the printer is as accurate as possible.

Our Printing Process

We utilize software from many providers in our printing process.

RIP (Raster Image Processor) Software

We utilize the ProductionHouse brand of RIP from Onyx Graphics. This software is used to ensure our color control regardless of the paper type we are running at the time. This software also allows us to tightly control how prints are layed out on the paper to help us eliminate waste.

Image Resizing Software

We utilize the PerfectResize product from On1 Software. This software is used for enlarging images and insuring that image files maintain a high visual quality.

Image Editing Software

We utilize both the Lightroom and Photoshop products from Adobe Software. This software bundle is used to manipulate images as requested by our customers.

Order Entry Website

This order entry website is custom wrote by the owner of PRGPrinting - Ron Gage. This website is wrote on what is referred to as the "LAMP" stack: Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, MariaDB (or MySQL) Database and PHP web scripting language.